Who should attend?
Memory Cafés are designed for people
with memory loss, mild cognitive
impairment, early Alzheimer’s or other
dementias. The Memory Café is open to
anyone without a formal referral or
assessment. Those with dementia or
memory issues may attend
unaccompanied when appropriate, or
with family, friends or care partners.
This group is not suitable for people with
dementia to attend alone if they have
specific care needs such as problems with
incontinence, mobility issues that require
aid, high levels of anxiety, disorientation
or history of wandering.
What is a Memory Café?
A Memory Café is a place where
individuals with memory loss
and their care partners can get
together in a safe, supportive
and engaging environment. It is a
time and place where people can interact, laugh,
find support, share concerns and celebrate without
feeling embarrassed and misunderstood. The
Memory Café encourages friendship and
acceptance. Participants share conversation in a
relaxed atmosphere that can include music, art or
other forms of activity.
Do I need to pre-register?
You do not need to pre-register for the
Memory Café but it would be helpful for
us to have a general idea of how many
attendees to expect so we can plan
accordingly for refreshments. If you
want to give us a heads up that you're
coming, please call the Stoughton Senior
Center at 608-873-8585. But, if you want
to just drop in, that's fine too. We are
looking forward to meeting you!
What does it cost?
There is no fee to participate.

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February 07, 2023 @ 11:00 am
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